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This place is amazing! They provide a high-energy, impactful workout within 30 minutes, and you can see the results if you're consistent. The gym is immaculate. Tina keeps the gym incredibly clean. There's not sweat drip stains on the floors or equipment, and it's all in really good shape. I love coming here!
Laura Barnard
Group Training Member
The gym provides a good atmosphere for working out and getting results. The staff provides great direction and wants each member to achieve their fitness goals.
Eric Greene
Group Training Member
Tina and her staff are dedicated and passionate about fitness and helping you reach your goals. They do so in a fun and energetic environment. The classes are small enough for the instructors to provide individual assistance with form and technique to ensure maximum results. The Nutrition classes are an added benefit which aid clients in healthy meal planning and making smarter food choices. If you need motivation and accountability to stick with your workouts, this is the place!
Felicia Thompson
Group Training Member
It’s honestly pretty great! The instructors always give an alternative to the exercises to fit different peoples level of ability and they are constantly motivating you. I like that the workouts are 30 minutes so you can go in early and start your day right or go in after work for a quick workout before going home. Overall very clean, equipment is wiped down after every class or before someone else uses that piece.
Emily Peyton
Group Training Member

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Anyone interested in attending our program must complete an orientation with our head trainer Tina Ayers. Orientation takes 10-15 minutes and helps us get to know your goals, health history, review the rules of bootcamp and answer any questions.

Your first week is always free. Pricing is subject to change at anytime, we always offer trial memberships for those interested who want to try before they buy. Detailed pricing is given during an orientation.

Our certified, personal trainers are qualified with a background in fitness. Under the guidance of our head trainer, Tina Ayers, who has seven national certifications in personal training and three as a fitness nutrition specialist, the trainers are well prepared to lead safe and effective workouts.

Absolutely, because we teach modifiers in every class for beginners or clients who haven’t worked out for awhile. Anyone at any level of fitness can workout our group setting, and at their own pace, with the help of one of our trainers.

With a combination of intervals, variety and full body movements, to target fat loss and increase strength, all you need is 30 minutes. Our training program can guarantee that all you need is 30 minutes. 

We use a variety of equipment to help guarantee results and to keep the workouts fun. Everything can be modified to use little or no equipment.

It’s even more important for someone with physical limitations to be in a trainer-led group workout, like our bootcamp, to see and learn proper form, and stay safe and healthy. 

Yes, our drop-in rate is $25 per session. Click here to register for a one-day drop in visit.

A typical workout is 30 minutes and focuses on  functional movements sometimes using various equipment to maximize fat loss and increase strength simultaneously.

Online training is included in membership costs. Some clients choose to train at home or while traveling, and can do any of our 3-5 new workouts virtually. The workouts are available in our app. 

The basic nutrition class included with membership, has a customized food list and recipe guide. The weekly nutrition class can help each client have a more detailed approach to their results with their specific macro nutrients. Having a nutritionist available, at no additional cost, is what makes Equinox Bootcamp unique.


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